Monday, January 27, 2014

Get Experienced Answers to Your Questions

Where do you get experienced answers to your writing questions?

I hope you will join me tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 28th with New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins

Bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins will answer your questions in a free live 70-minute telewebcast on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 5 p.m.. PST or 8 p.m. EST. As the host, I will be using the questions from various participants to grill Jenkins about the publication of the 29th Edition of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide (Tyndale House Publishers). Anyone can ask a question at:

www.askjerryjenkins.com and register for the free teleseminar.

The author of more than 180 books with sales of more than 70 million copies including the bestselling Left Behind Series, Jerry B. Jenkins has spent much of his life, writing, editing and publishing in the inspirational market.

Every registrant will receive a free 20-page Ebook, Keeping Your Soul Intact, an excerpt from Jenkins Writing for the Soul.

Don’t have time to listen during the workday? The event will be recorded and every registrant will receive access to the replay links which can be downloaded to a computer or iPod.

Hope to see you at the Live event.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Power of Social Media

Last week the switch of an electrical device that I use daily got stuck on—and refused to turn off. It had a mechanical failure and was less than a year old. Online I looked up the customer service number and called the manufacturer.

I was on hold a long time (at least 30 minutes) and finally reached a customer service person. This person offered to send a replacement device. When it arrived, I would use the same package to return the defective device. Toward the end of the conversation she told me it could take up to two weeks for the replacement to arrive.

“That is unacceptable,” I responded. “I need it much quicker than two weeks.”

She launched into her standard language about how they couldn't do it any quicker. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

Waiting on hold another length of time, finally a supervisor came on the line. She also held to the company line that it would take up to two weeks for the replacement. I tried a different approach.

“I don't suspect you like negative complaints about your product. I have over 84,000 twitter followers. You can look up my name to verify that fact. Unless you get me the replacement part quick, I'm prepared to begin speaking negatively about your product and your customer service.”

The supervisor thought about what I was telling her. She said she would have to appeal to her supervisor to get that approval.

“That's fine. I'll wait,” I told her. I waited on hold another stint until this second supervisor got on the phone. He listened to my threat to begin complaining on social media about their customer service and product. 

He made a decision. “We can send the replacement second day air,” he said then instructed the first customer service person on the details about reach the correct screen to select this option. My replacement part came in a couple of days, works fine and I returned the defective device.

Firsthand, I saw the power of social media to convince the supervisor that it was better to send the part quickly than to risk the wrath of twitter.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

When the Interviewer Gets Interviewed

Have you ever had the tables turned on you? For many years, I've interviewed authors about their books. From those interviews, I've written many articles which have appeared in numerous magazines. As the interviewer, I've poured a great deal of energy into my preparation, learning the author's background, reading books and writing a series of questions.

I've done a number of radio interviews over the years but they have all been on the telephone. I've called a radio station or the station has called me and the interview has been done remote. Yesterday I had a different experience in this area. Kimberlee Martin, host of Real People of Orange County interviewed me. I went with her to the radio station of KUCI which has been broadcasting on the campus of the University of California Irvine 24 hours a day for years. 

We sat across a table from each other and both wore earphones and spoke into separate microphones. In this live radio broadcast, the tables were turned. Instead of asking questions, I was answering questions from Kimberlee. I enjoyed the experience. 

We talked about my latest book, Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams as well as Morgan James Publishing (check out the new website as of January 1st). Finally we talked about keeping up with changes like social media. While the interview was live, it was also recorded. You can download the entire program here (just right click and “save as” to save the file on your computer).

Also I've made this audio button so you can listen to the program on my blog:

I'm unsure if it will go through to the email version so you might have to return to the blog to use the button—just click this link and it will take you to the correct page.

I pass the interview along to you in hopes you will gain a great deal from this information.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

This Session Could Change Your Publishing Life

I know I made a startling claim with this headline. Let me explain. I've attended many workshops and teaching sessions through the years—and some are more significant than others.

After more than 20 years in publishing, I've learned a key ingredient in the process is being at the right place at the right time with the right material. If you are open to it, you could find this right place on Wednesday night, January 15th. I'll be interviewing Rick Frishman, the publisher at Morgan James Publishing.

Have you heard of Rick? He's a publishing expert. Rick founded one of the largest PR Firms in the U.S. Planned Television Arts (now called Media Connect). Also Rick is the creator and host of the popular writers' conference Author 101 University, which will be held in early March in Los Angeles. I will also be attending this remarkable event. There will be about 400 to 500 people attending this event with a lot of energy and excitement.

Whether you have never been to a writers' conference or attended many writers' conferences now is a great time to jump into the book market. Why am I telling you this information about Rick?

I've convinced Rick to go on the hot seat and answer your publishing questions during a free LIVE 70-minute telewebcast on Wednesday, January 15th! Rather than have the "content" come out of Rick's head (or my head) for the January 15, 2014 telewebcast at 5 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST, I decided to let you ask Rick a question.

Sound fair?

So, if you could ask Rick Frishman ANY question you wanted about attending a writers conference like Author 101 University, what would your question be?

Here's your chance to ask Rick directly and get registered for our call on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 (starts promptly according to www.Time.gov).

* * Get Rick Frishman's FREE Special Report * *

You will receive a FREE copy of Rick Frishman's special report, Agent ABCs: the Basics from his book, Author 101 Bestselling Secrets of Top Agents that Rick wrote with Robyn Freedman Spizman. It's FREE if you ask a question and register for this telewebcast.

**Your Significant Opportunity During Our Call**

Rick has agreed to give away several registrations for Author 101 University during our live call. Each of these tickets is worth almost $500. You can be one of the winners.

1) You must register for the call. Even if you don't have a question, then mark "no question"

Then 2) You must be listening to the LIVE call in order to be one of these five winners. Just winning this registration could be a life-changing moment for your writing.

You must take action and join our event with Rick for you to have this opportunity.

Hope to speak with you on Wednesday evening. Get registered now—follow this link.

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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Take Action To Grow in Your Writing Life

I love the energy and fresh start that comes with a new year. It's strange in some ways but turning the page to January 1 gives us a chance to start into new areas and set new plans into motion.

What plans do you have for your writing life? Are you writing down those goals then returning to them and looking at them on a regular basis? As you look at those goals, you can readjust the goals to make them more realistic and make sure you are moving forward to accomplish them. Successful people take these types of actions to move ahead and complete various tasks. Planning keeps you focused and not wandering around “trying to write” or “hoping to complete ____ this year.” See the vague nature of those plans? Make your plans specific and focused and realistic.

One area that I'm devoting some time and energy to in the coming months is libraries. I love the library and use it often to get books and other resources. It is a key part of my regular interaction with books. I do not know much about how libraries purchase books. Yes, I've read some material on this topic and heard some lectures. I've been learning a great deal from this course from Elaine Wilkes. At $27, this course is a bargain for every author or would-be author. The course is packed with audio interviews and written information to equip you to be successful as you approach libraries. I've been working through it and amazed at the valuable information. If you have any interest in reaching libraries, I highly recommend Elaine's course

If you purchase this course, you have to take action to apply the information to your books and writing life. Buying the course is the first step, then listening to audio interviews and following the seasoned advice will be critical.

I recently wrote about How to Get Reviews by the Truckload on Amazon by Penny C. Sansevieri. This Ebook is loaded with terrific advice. One part of the Ebook is the specifics about Good Reads. In 2011, I registered for a Good Reads profile. I know Amazon.com purchased Good Reads but until I studied this infographic, I did not realize they have 25 million members. Now that is a huge number and basically I've been silent and ignoring Good Reads. 

Now I have plenty of excuses why I've not been on Good Reads. Instead of wallowing in those excuses and guilt, I decided to change and take action. I began to use my Good Reads account a few days ago. I've written hundreds of book reviews on Amazon. I pasted over 80 reviews into Good Reads. Yes, I went from zero reviews to 80 in two days.

Also I was not registered as an author on Good Reads. It allows you to promote events, interact with readers and many other benefits—but you have to take action and connect your books to your author profile. Yes, it takes a bit of action and consistent effort. In the long run, I believe it will be well worth it.

Do I have everything figured out in these two areas of libraries and Good Reads? No but I'm on my way to learning and applying this information to my writing life.

What active steps are you taking to grow your writing life?

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Author 101 University Online

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