Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Summer Special For A Limited Time

Schools are letting out for the summer. Families are headed out for some vacation time. I've watched a number of celebrities speaking at graduation ceremonies. The weather is definitely heating up in the desert. We're going to be in the triple digits a good portion of the forthcoming week. Yes, the snowbirds (the folks who come to Arizona in the winter) are long gone and the roads are feeliing less crowded.

Summer is a great time for a different routine and to attempt something new and different. What are your plans and agenda for this new season?

The bulk of my day is consumed as a book publisher and helping authors get their books into print at Intermedia Publishing Group. In my few moments away from those responsibilities, I'm developing a new series of workshops on marketing for the writer. I'm working on a new series of lectures but also a new series of interactive handouts. I'll present these lectures at two conferences in August. The Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference is August 2 through 5 in Canby, Oregon. I will have a small group of writers for my continuing session. Then from August 12 to 14, I will have an entirely different group at The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference. If you haven't scheduled a conference for this summer, either one of those conferences would be a terrific option for your own personal growth.

OK. You may be wondering about the headline for this Writing Life entry: A Summer Special For A Limited Time. The revision of my latest book, Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams, has been available for a few weeks. I've been learning how to make better use of my shopping cart.

Recently I noticed my shopping cart allowed for coupons--yet I had never used them. In celebration of summer and to encourage you to grow in your own publishing dreams, I've set up a coupon code which has a limited time attached to it. The coupon code is good for 20% off the purchase price of the book. When you check out with either the paperback or the Ebook, notice the field in the shopping cart which says, "Coupon Code (optional)" and there is a blank field with a button "apply." The coupon code to enter is: June2010 If you add this code and hit apply, it will take off 20% of the retail price which is the greatest discount available for this book. Here's the limited time part of this coupon: you have to act now or before the end of June. After July 1st, this coupon code will not be effective.

I want to call to your attention, one additional space in the shopping cart that you might want to use. When you get to the checkout screen where you put your payment information, near the bottom of the page, it says, "Comments / Special Delivery Instructions." What goes into that space? If you have purchased the paperback, indicate in this space that you would like me to autograph your book--and give me the name to use. For example, "Please autograph to Jane." When I pack your book, I will be glad to autograph your book. I personally love autograph books and treasure them and I wanted to give you the same opportunity when you get Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams.

Now the choice is yours. I hope you will take advantage of this summer special for Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams. I've packed this book with easy-to-apply practical material that could change your writing life--provided you take advantage of this limited time offer. I encourage you to get it today and take action with the summer. Seize the day.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Let's Go Global Monday

I'm going to be teaching a live teleseminar Monday evening called Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams. This free event will not be recorded so you have to catch the actual event.

This class marks the second time that I've taught with this group. I taught Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams earlier this year and I had a terrific experience.

I encourage you to look around their site because they have well-qualified speakers and some of them may be of interest to you.

During my hour-long session, I will be covering a dozen different ways that you can jumpstart your desires and ambitions about publishing. My teaching will be a mixture of practical ideas and concrete how-to tips. One of the benefits of attending this event is that I will be offering a special discount on my book, Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams. In order to get the discount, you have to be listening to the session.

It is a bit ironic to me when I see the authors pictured on the Global Teleclass header. Alex Loyd and Ben Johnson are two authors that I worked with in recent months to publish their book, The Healing Code through Intermedia Publishing Group. Last Thursday, June 3rd, these authors mounted an Amazon bestseller campaign where people are encouraged to purchase the book on a particular day. The Healing Code was the #3 book on Amazon last Thursday and the #1 nonfiction book. Only two bestselling fiction authors were higher on that list.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be involved with the Global Teleclass and teach this live event. I hope to see you there.

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