Monday, April 05, 2010

Build Buzz For Your Book

How do you build buzz for your book?

In today's marketplace, there are many ways and ideas to promote your book. Wednesday, April 7th I'm holding another free teleseminar with experienced book publicity expert Sandra Beckwith. She has a wonderful free monthly newsletter that I encourage you to subscribe called Build Book Buzz.

For an hour, I'll be asking Sandra your questions about this topic of building book buzz. You can ask your question at www.askbuildbookbuzz.com.

If you can't make the session, go ahead and sign up (even if you don't have a question) because the call will be recorded and you will receive the replay information.

To encourage you to sign up for this teleseminar, Sandra is giving away a special report called Beyond The Press Release: 10 Exciting Book Buzz Ideas That Will Take You To The Top. You can download this page on the confirmation page of the teleseminar. I hope to speak to you on Wednesday.

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