Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Last Minute Conference

About a week ago, I was reading online and Dan Poynter's Newsletter and learned about the Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference (July 20–22). I had never been to this particular event so I reached out to the conference director. I wrote a short email introducing myself and my role as an acquisitions editor at Morgan James Publishing. I asked if there would be a possibility to be involved with the conference. By involvement, I imagined anything to coming and networking with authors in the hallway to some level of participation in the teaching. I had no idea if it would work or if I would schedule something for another conference or nothing would happen.

The conference email appeared to be a generic one (which to me meant many potential emails to this address). I also reached out for help from one of my friends who was listed on the conference faculty. He sent an email to the director on my behalf and copied me as well.

From my involvement with events, I understand there are many last minute changes with the faculty. It turned out my email arrived at the perfect time when the director was looking for some last-minute replacements. I was able to fill that need and be added to the conference faculty at the last minute.

I'm looking forward to attending a couple of days of this conference and meeting some new authors and seeing a few old friends. If you are going to this conference, I hope we can spend a few minutes together.

I wanted to write this entry about the writing life to stir you to take action. Are you using the information which comes across your desk or computer screen? Are you reaching out to the editor or the agent to see if there is an opportunity for you? In this information clogged world, it may take a couple of gentle emails to stir some opportunity for you. It does not happen without taking action and asking. I've written several times about the power of asking. Your dreams and plans can't happen unless you are moving forward. 

Today be open to new ideas and using the information which you see. It can open up a new world of opportunity for you and your writing.

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