Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Stop the Cycle of Unfinished Projects

In the world of publishing (where I have lived for the last 20+ years), I see many writers with uncompleted projects. They are enthused about a particular idea or concept yet never persist to get it into print. They need the tool set in Craig Copeland's FINISH WHAT YOU START.

As Copeland writes in the preface,"The Power Principles will work for anyone at any level of success. It doesn't matter if you're new or already well on your way to creating success in your life now. The steps are not hard to practice. In fact, you'll find you only need a very small portion of your day to practice them effectively." (Page 5)

Also in the early pages, he writes,"The mission of this book is to answer and address those nagging questions as to why so few succeed and how to get you to succeed and reach your goals. Of course, these Power Principles were created out of observing common threads of habits and behaviors that successful people use time and again to achieve their desired outcomes." (page 21)

While the teaching is straightforward and excellent, throughout the book, key pages called FINISH LINE EXERCISE are included where the reader interacts with the specific content of a section or chapter. In addition, each section begins with an inspirational quote like Walt Disney,"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Toward the end of his book, Copeland nails a summary of his book saying,"FINISH WHAT YOU START is really about getting started, through having an objective, making a decision towards reaching it, taking an action to begin, and constant forward movement towards your goal. The steps I've outlined in this book will give you the tools to get started and keep the momentum going." (Page 246)

I highly recommend you get this book, study the pages and work through the exercises. It will help you achieve the benefit in the subtitle for this book: unlocking the success secrets of the top 1%. 

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At 6:45 PM, Blogger Amaris in Wonderland Left a note...

Great reminder!!

I'm a first time commenter, but want you to know that your blog is very helpful.

I am trying to learn to write again. It's been a good many years since I have attempted to do so.

Thanks for all of the good pointers!


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