Monday, February 06, 2012

Reach the Well-Known for Endorsements

If you are writing a book or even a book proposal, a few glowing words from a recognized name can help you sell the project (to an agent or editor or to a reader).

I've written in the past about the importance of these endorsements or testimonials in the book selling process. One of the keys is to ask for the endorsement in the right way—where you take a minimum amount of effort for the other person to say “yes.” I've written about this aspect in the past and if you haven't read it, I encourage you to use the search tool in the right-hand column of The Writing Life. Scroll down and search for these entries.

Today I want to write about another one of the challenges in getting these endorsements and provide a resource to overcome that challenge.

I suggest you prepare a list of possible people to endorse your book. Who would be on your perfect list? Let your imagination run wild and include bestselling authors, entertainers, business leaders or others.

With this list, your next challenge is to reach them. Most of these potential endorsers don't have a website or some simple way for the public to reach them.

One of the best resources around this challenge is Contact Any Celebrity. This site maintains thousands specific contact information. You can test drive their site for only $1.

I encourage you to look around this site and read the resources—even if you don't join. For example, watch this short video about how the inside of their system works.

Also this site contains a series of free articles which I recommend you read and it will stir ideas how to reach these well-known people for endorsements.

When you get inside Contact Any Celebrity, there are bonus Ebooks and even more resources to help you learn the insider tips how to get endorsements.

Many writers immediately discount the possibility of an endorsement. They don't make the effort to try and get them. If you take a different course of action and get the endorsement for your book or even your book proposal, it will make your project stand out from your competition.

When I was an acquisitions editor, I have sold the room of jaded publishing executives on the basis of a series of endorsements or a well-known foreword in a book proposal. These authors stood out and received a book contract because they made this effort before they submitted their project.

These endorsements will make a difference and now you have another resource: Contact Any Celebrity.

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