Sunday, January 22, 2012

Make Your Best First Impression

You are enthused about your book idea and are eager to explain it to an editor or literary agent who can champion your cause and get your book published. It's been my privilege to listen to many authors pitch their book ideas at a writer's conference or in a written proposal or on the phone.

I've heard some great presentations where the author has practiced their words or refined their written words so it flows and is pointed at the perfect target. These writers are determined to make a good first impression with their idea and find someone to champion their cause. Whether they have verbalized it or not, they understand that they only get one chance to make a good first impression and they came prepared.

Also I've seen the writers who have blown their opportunity. They've stumbled with their oral presentation or the gem of their idea is over on page 10 or 20 (which will not be read by most agents because they quit after the second page). They've missed it and many of them are not even aware of what they have missed.

Over the years, I've been inside of some of the top New York literary agencies. While it may not seem like it to the novice writer, I can tell you that each of these publishing professionals are actively looking for the next bestseller. They want to find the idea which will burst on the scene and capture the imagination of the reading public. That deep-seated desire drives them to carefully listen to authors when they pitch their idea or to read hundreds of query letters and proposals.

Are you finding this agent who can champion your cause? Are you crafting the best possible book proposal to capture their attention? You will learn valuable information from going through the book proposal creation process—no matter what happens with your book idea. I can tell you the value of this process because I've written numerous book proposals. Not all of these proposals have been published but with each one, I learned some valuable skills in the creation and polishing process.

To help you in this process, I'm going to include several resources in this post. First my 12 lesson Write A Book Proposal course includes my latest teaching in this area. It is step-by-step teaching and on autoresponders so it comes automatically week after week.

Also I have a free teleseminar on proposal creation where I will be answering your questions on February 2nd. Right now you can download my free Ebook, Book Proposal Basics when you ask a question.

Finally last month I did an interview with Felice Gerwitz on her BlogTalk Radio program Information in a Nutshell. We spoke for about 30 minutes on book proposal creation. I edited through this program. You can right click and “save as” at this link. I encourage you to download the program to your computer and hear it. Or as another way to hear it, you can use this button:

First impressions are important when you pitch your book idea. Make sure you give yourself the best possible opportunity for success with an excellent proposal.

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