Saturday, February 04, 2012

Be Looking for New Ideas

Are you in a rut with your writing? I hope not.

One of the freedom stirring aspects of writing is it can head in many different directions. You may be drawn to write fiction but when others read your storytelling, it doesn't connect with them. You've invested lots of energy into writing this novel and now you can't find a publisher. In my view, this experience is good because you learned something along the way.

I've got files of material (electronic and in paper) which have never been published. If you find that you aren't getting success or traction in one area of writing, then I encourage you to try another area.

In the first chapter of my Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams, I include a list of the various types of writing. While my list isn't exhaustive it gives you a wide range of possible options. As a writer, I have a single major writing project in process. I'm excited about this project and focused on consistently moving forward to complete it. It is not something that can be accomplished in a single writing session but that's that sort of constant chipping away at it to complete it.

Besides the longer project, I'm also writing for print magazines. I've recently sent a couple of articles off to an editor who acknowledged my submission and put them into her process to get them into print. In addition, I have several regular columns which I write for publications. I've not written my material which is due later this month but I am thinking about ideas for columns. Whenever I have an idea, I'm normally carrying a pencil or pen and a piece of paper to write it down before it disappears. Each of us are living busy schedules and we need to capture the ideas as they happen.

This week while working out, I created another event that I will schedule either later this month or next month. The ideas came for the Ebook which I will give away (something new) and the other details of the event. I wrote it down and have worked this idea into my planning schedule. It is a constant process and each type of writing is different—whether an Ebook or a blog post.

Also as I read new books, I'm determined to capture ideas which come from my reading. Plus when I complete a book, I will write a few words of review about the book then post that review on Amazon and other sites. Are you supporting good books (or any type of book) that you are reading? It does not take a lot of time and writing reviews is a great skill for every writer to develop. It does not matter if you write fiction or nonfiction. If you write customer reviews on Amazon, it is another way to give back to the community.

Something I've never done in over 1,000 entries:

If you have read Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams, could you go over to the Amazon page (use this link) and write several sentences along with a Five Star review? The Five Stars are important because they are averaged so please make sure to do Five Stars. Or maybe you have read my Book Proposals That Sell. If so, I'm asking you to please go over to the Amazon page (use this link) and write a couple of sentences along with a Five Star review. Even if you read the book several years ago, I would appreciate your support with the review.

I check these pages often but whenever I find a new review, I announce it to my Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn audiences. Thank you in advance for considering it and my sincere appreciation if you create your Amazon review.

If you haven't done it (or even if you have), I want to encourage you to download a free 30–page chapter of my Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams. You can also click the image of the book cover to go to the sample. Then print the chapter and read it noticing the different types of writing. Capture the ideas for your own writing. Also notice the creative details in this excerpt. I include two “Buy Now” buttons inside the sample. If you would like to get an autographed copy of my book, just note it in the special instructions of my shopping cart and I'd be happy to sign it for you.

Ideas for writing are everywhere. Often they come at odd times. If you are open to them and take action, you will become more productive and prolific as a writer.

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