Thursday, February 02, 2012

Connect with Your Audience

I see it all the time. Whether I meet the individuals in person or whether they send me their pitch in the mail or on email, they are writers with a big vision for their book.

Some of them whisper their title with the greatest reluctance because they don't want anyone else to know it. Others expound with enthusiasm about the unique twist of their story or their focus or how they are reaching an untapped market.

Yet when I ask about their connection to this untapped audience their faces go blank. They have no connections to their readers or they have a very limited connection.

It is terrific to have a vision for your book and your publishing life. It's also OK that you have no connection to the market. Every author has to begin at some time to begin building this connection. My advice: don't wait for a publisher. Don't wait until your book gets into print. Begin today. The sooner you begin the sooner you will attract your readers and audience.

I can hear the objections already: “My book is for everyone.” Or “I don't have the resources (time or money is often at the heart of it).”

One basic and foundational principle in the writing world is that your writing isn't for everyone. Take some time to define your target reader. What do they read? Where do they shop? What types of books do they purchase? As you are more specific, you will be able to write and target the right reader for your books.

As a next step, begin building your connections to your target audience. It does not matter whether anyone knows you or about your writing. You need to consistently work to reach your readers.

Here are five resources to stimulate you to move forward and and assist you in this process:

1. You have one of the easiest methods already—whether you know it or not: Email. Are you regularly communicating to your target readers through an electronic newsletter?

No one begins a newsletter with a large audience but you grow it slowly and steadily. It doesn't matter whether you have been published or not. You can begin a free newsletter and use this newsletter to connect with the audience about your subject. I have the Right-Writing News and recently sent out the 50th issue of this newsletter. Notice when you subscribe you get some free Ebooks—but also you gain access to all of my back issues (a rich resource of teaching materials when you subscribe).

You can use a tool like Constant Contact to begin your newsletter. The link gives you a free 60–day trial.

Another resource to learn about the power of email is to take my 21 Day Email Success Tips course. It is free and will help you learn more about this resource that you need to be using. This course comes from Internet Guru Jimmy D. Brown and is full of valuable advice for every author.

2. I have a free 43 page Ebook called Platform Building Ideas for Every Author. I suggest you get this Ebook, read it and apply the ideas in it to building connections with your audience. This ebook is packed with resources and information.

3. Another way to connect with your audience is to consistently grow your following on Twitter. There are millions of people on this social network. You can attract like-minded followers and even automate some of the contents of your twitter feed. I have detailed how to take these steps in this FREE two-page handout on social media. Pick up this handout, follow the links and take action on the information to build your audience.

4. Get a copy of The Link Building Tycoon. I'm selling this inexpensive resource because I want you to learn the value of building a list and using it on a consistent basis. I also launched a version of this product on Amazon's Kindle. I recommend you get this valuable teaching and apply it to connect with your audience.

5. A great way to build your audience is to launch a targeted blog. To help you monetize and profit from your passion about a topic, I have The 31–Day Guide to Blogging for Bucks.

It does not take a lot of money to connect with your audience. You do need to take consistent action and look for new avenues to connect with them. As you increase your market presence, you become known as an expert in your area. It only builds your opportunities to speak and hold teleseminars and other venues such as guest blogging.

You can reach your audience. Make a commitment to do something today—and every day.

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