Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sell More Books On Amazon

Last November at the Florida Writers Association, I participated in an editor / agent panel before the whole conference. I took one of the end positions in a table across the front of the stage. Brent Sampson sat next to me. I listened carefully as he spoke during the panel and his comments rang with experience and wisdom despite his youthful appearance. It was the first time I'd ever heard of Outskirts Press where Brent is the President and CEO.

Since that conference I've looked around Outskirts Press. Brent and his team have produced some solid marketing tools and information for writers. Whether you use his services or not to produce your book, it's well worth knowing about from my view.

If you want to learn to sell more books on the largest online bookstore on the planet called Amazon.com, then I recommend you get a copy of Brent's book, Sell Your Book On Amazon. He practices his own techniques and writes with the voice of experience and authority. With step-by-step insight, he will teach you the secrets of moving more books through Amazon.

While the words on the cover of this book positions it for print-on-demand and self-publishing authors, I see this information has a broad application for writers with traditional publishers. No matter who publishes your book, the author needs to take a proactive stance in the marketing arena and use all of the possible tools at their disposal to garner sales and attention. Sampson has provided great tools and information in this book for any author. If you are rushed to read this book (as many of us), the author introduces the tactic ranking system where he rates the various Amazon marketing techniques according to how valuable they will be in terms of generating profits for the author. Even if you take thirty minutes a week to practice some of these tools, you will increase your visibility on Amazon and that visibility is the first step to additional sales. I enjoyed Sell Your Book On Amazon and will be referring to it often in the days ahead. Brent has served the whole writing community with this effort.

Speaking of someone who serves the writing community, next month Mark Victor Hansen will lead another Mega Book Marketing University in Los Angeles. As I can personally tell you, these Mega Events are unlike any other conference for writers. I highly recommend it. If you want to get a taste of the speakers and Mark then check out the free preview calls. I listened to the first one last night. It's another way to grow as a writer right in your home.

The tools like Sell Your Book On Amazon are readily available. I'd encourage you to faithfully grow and use them in your own writing life.

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At 6:44 PM, Blogger Kristi Holl Left a note...

I don't always understand what is meant by statements like this: "you will increase your visibility on Amazon and that visibility is the first step to additional sales." Does that mean you can influence what comes up in a search on Amazon? That your book will come up much earlier when people search for a certain subject?

At 10:58 PM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


You can do some search enhancements as an author on Amazon for key words. For example, I've done some things with the words "book proposal."

Until about a year ago, there was no connection between the author and any presence outside of Amazon on the page with their book listing--until the feature of Amazon Connect. If you aren't using this feature, Kristi, please look into it. It will help you connect your books to your personal website.



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