Saturday, January 12, 2008

Good News For You

Last Wednesday night, I hosted a teleseminar with eight publishing professionals who are top editors and agents in different aspects of publishing. I was intentional about the mixture of people, publishers and types of writing. The teleseminar was completely unscripted and I know a brand-new experience for several of my publishing friends.

Let's face reality. These publishing experts are busy and hard to reach. I asked each one to spend ten minutes with me on the phone talking about one book proposal or manuscript which attracted them from the beginning. I also asked each one to point out one of the key errors writers make when they approach them. Each of these eight people had the same questions and our conversation was completely unscripted. If you listen to the call, you will see each person arrived at a specific time. And then we talked and they said good night. After the call, I sent each of the speakers the edited teleseminar so they could hear their colleagues (if they wanted to do so).

In addition, I asked each of them to send any document they had about creating an excellent book proposal or pitch. Not everyone had something to send but I compiled the material into a study guide to be used in advance of the teleseminar. It turned out to be 65 pages of excellent advice and insight for writers of all levels of experience.

While I've been in publishing for over twenty years, I was amazed at what happened during this teleseminar with eight different perspectives. Each person brought a different type of proposal. Some of them referred to a nonfiction book proposal and others talked about a fiction manuscript. Each one pointed out a different aspect that attracted them and brought value to the overall experience. Also each one pointed out a different error or mistake that many writers make when they approach them. The result was something with broad appeal in the book publishing landscape. It wasn't focused on the Christian market (some of it is) nor totally focused on the general book market (some of it is).

And if you missed the experience, I've got good news for you. I’ve turned this call into a permanent product. You can still get every part of it but you don’t have to wait for the live event. Instead you can download it instantly to your computer or iPod and see for yourself what I'm talking about from last week. The value of this teleseminar far exceeds the price. I hope you will check it out.

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