Friday, January 25, 2008

Commit To Make Progress

Did you see this news from the Association of American Publishers? They just released their November statistics. In terms of change, one of the strongest categories was Ebooks which rose 36.4% with sales of $2.5 million. I continue to read from various sources that we are in the early days of the Information Marketing on the Internet. Maybe you are only considering jumping into the Ebook area. It has been a successful area for me with my Book Proposals That Sell and also with my Writing For The Christian Market.

One of my mentors in this area has been Bob Bly and following his Internet Marketing Retirement Plan where he invests minimal effort in his Internet business each week. I've heard him say it's measured in an hour or two and earns considerable profit.

Sounds nice you say but I don't know where to start or how to get there. The Internet Marketing Retirement Plan gives step-by-step resources with nothing held back. I have a problem with some of these products because you get them and they are mostly fluff and don't have enough content to give you value for your time. This program isn't like that but is loaded with specifics--provided you follow through and take action on those specifics.

Some days you may wonder if you are moving ahead or standing still. I understand and have those days at times but I'm committed to making progress and moving ahead with my various projects. You can do the same for your writing life.

Keep learning new insights and skills. For example, from something that flew across my desk this week, I learned that if I type the word "time" followed by a major city in the world into the Google search engine, it will instantly give the time in that location. For example, you could type: "time London" and the first item will be the time in London, England. This week I received an overseas call which was set for a certain time here and a certain time there. Because I used this Google tool, I correctly estimated that I had been given the wrong time by an hour. Yet when this call came an hour earlier than planned, I was prepared.

Whatever you are facing in your writing life, make a commitment to keep making incremental and measurable progress. Eventually you will get there.

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At 6:22 PM, Blogger Kristi Holl Left a note...

This is a good point. You said, "Whatever you are facing in your writing life, make a commitment to keep making incremental and measurable progress. Eventually you will get there." As cliched as it sounds, slow and steady still wins the race. Unfortunately, we do "slow" but we forget to do "steady," even if it's just one inch at a time. Consistency is the key--in so MANY areas of life!

At 9:48 PM, Blogger Duncan Left a note...

Your points about making progress are very true. I think one of the most common ways to fail is to not act.

James Brausch has an interesting (and succinct) plan that he uses to describe this...

1. Take action.
2. Focus on one thing at a time.
3. Follow a proven path.

Simple but powerful.

Sounds like the Internet Marketing Retirement Plan, is a good proven path to follow, just leaving step 1 and 2...



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