Friday, October 12, 2007

Not Worth The Panic

Last night I held another live teleseminar about Writing For The Christian Market, my new Ebook. I sent out messages to several thousand writers about the session and reminded them of it. Then several hours before the teleseminar, I received a comment on these entries from someone who wanted to register but couldn’t get on the website. Immediately I checked it out and couldn't pull up the site. I called my host server who has been doing some migration work on their equipment. Yes, they were down but would be back up soon. I asked for a definition of "soon" and they couldn't tell me but reassured me that I would be able to hold my event.

People use askterrywhalin.com to register and ask their question. On the "Thank You" page, they could download the free offer plus the same page is where they could return to listen to a live telewebcast of the seminar. If you have a high-speed computer connection, it's a way for you to listen to the event without cost. Yet my pages were down and no one could reach them. It did cause a few moments of concern but I decided it was not worth the panic.

Almost exactly an hour before the event, my host server company called and told me they were bringing their equipment live and my site should be functional in a matter of minutes. It was available about 45 minutes before the event so it worked fine.

My special guest for about 30 minutes of the call was Shawn McMullen, editor of The Lookout which is a weekly publication with a circulation of about 85,000 copies and an audience of close to 100,000. Shawn described the types of articles that he uses and how writers can best approach him and meet his editorial needs. If you are looking for a new place to get published in the magazine area, I recommend you consider The Lookout.

After the event, I downloaded the MP3 from the teleseminar, then used Sound Forge to add music to the beginning and end of the session. In addition to the full program, I divided the session into three parts and uploaded the files into my audio generator account. If you don’t know about audio generator, it's a flexible system to provide various types of sound to your website. Follow the link for a trial subscription. Then I added the files to the replay page. Later today, anyone who registered for the event will receive the link to the replay.

Last night I launched the replay page. I used Box.net to upload the files and for the first time, anyone can download the entire program to their iPod or they can download each of the three parts. Why are these links important? It allows the participant to download the files and listen to them whenever they want to listen to them--instead of forcing them to listen on the replay page. Anyone who registered for the event after I launched the replay page will be taken to the page as a confirmation of their registration.

Why should every book author care about how I've put together these details? You will see this process is modeling what you can do to launch any book or product of your own. Gather people to a teleseminar and it will stimulate your exposure in the market and sales of your book. If you want to know more about the details of a teleseminar, there will be a great opportunity starting in early December. Alex Mandossian will teach his Teleseminar Secrets course. This training is excellent for any author. It's some of what I'll be teaching next week at the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference. Hope to see you there.

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At 5:09 PM, Blogger terri Left a note...

I was excited to note you will be speaking at the FWA conference in Orlando next month. I didn't realize a Christian writer would be there. Look forward to hearing your talk.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


Thanks for the comment. I've been to a mixture of Christian writers conferences and general market conferences like FWA. I teach much of the same material and I've found information about excellence in writing works whether it's a Christian audience or a general audience. Each area of the market is looking for quality. I'm teaching two workshops at FWA on contracts and another one on book proposals. I'm looking forward to it and it will be great to meet you.


At 11:20 AM, Blogger Clella Left a note...

Terry, I missed signing up for the teleseminar, but wonder is there a way to get a copy now of what went on yesterday. I read THE WRITING LIFE each day as an e-mail feed and learn so much from your daily comments. Some are "above" me but even as an amateur I have been able to use much of your material. thanks so much Clella

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


Please go ahead and go to www.askterrywhalin.com and register. Instead of the "thank you" page, you will now reach the "replay" page where you can download the entire teleseminar or download a portion of it.

It's right there for you any time 24 hours a day,



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