Monday, September 17, 2007

Innovative Strategies To Reach Teens

Throughout my day, I gather current event and news information from many different sources. One of these sources surveyed parents and teenagers about the amount of time teens spend in online activities. It was something like the parents estimated their teen was online for an average of two hours a day when actually they were online double that amount of time or four hours a day. I looked but could not locate the source of this new study for you yet the parents had no real concept of the amount of time their teenagers were online.

Publishers understand this volume of time teens spend in various online activities and are attempting to use this to their advantage and sell more books. Just in case you did not see it, the cover story for Publishers Weekly (September 3, 2007) was called Teen Marketing 2.0. I point out this article so you can see some of their innovative strategies to tap into this market. If you are writing for teens, this article will possibly stir some ideas.

If you are not writing for teens, it may also stir some ideas for you. It's important to learn the craft of writing and I've devoted a lot of articles to that topic in my Right Writing News as well as on the pages of Right-Writing.com. Yet at the same time, it's also necessary to build your audience and constantly reach out to touch your particular niche. It does take time and energy but it’s entirely in the realm of possiblity--if you work at it.

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