Monday, September 10, 2007

Free Internet Marketing Training

Where do you get sound advice about marketing on the Internet? One of the best venues in my view is to learn from experienced and successful Internet marketing experts. I want to learn from people who have been successful in this area of Internet marketing and their success is evident from their results.

Armand Morin is one of these people who have learned the insider information about how to get attention on the Internet. For the tenth year, he has organized the Big Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. If you can, I recommend you go to the Big Seminar--no matter whether you have published no books or have published many books or if you work for a publishing company. If you attend with an open mind and listen carefully, you will learn a tremendous amount of information.

Free Internet marketing training is provided before the Big Seminar through the free preview calls with the various speakers. These calls will be filled with content, information and insight. To use this resource, you have to register with your email address, then read the emails for the preview calls and listen to them. I recommend it as a way to learn more about the Internet marketing area.

You may be thinking, "I just want to get a book published or write for a few magazines?" These speakers will be giving innovations which are outside the normal sales channels for publishing. They will give you insight about how to build your platform and gain visibility in the marketplace. My advice is not to be so focused on the publishing goals that you cut yourself off from another route to get there. These preview calls are building up to the event next month so the sooner you register for the better.

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At 9:32 PM, Blogger Bonnie S. Calhoun Left a note...

Very cool! I signed up...got an email from them already.

You can never know too much about marketing. Thanks for the tip, Terry!


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