Monday, September 03, 2007

What Does The Audience Want?

It's a question that many people within the publishing community are asking. If they could figure out the answer and produce it, then they would create a winning product. There is probably a previous question to this one: which audience? The audience has to be large enough to make a profitable product yet targeted so you can write specifically for the needs of that market.

The simple way to learn the needs of your audience doesn't usually cross the minds of most authors: ask them. One of the best tools to gather this information is The Ask Database. I'm using this tool for a number of different functions. For example, Wednesday, I've scheduled another free teleseminar to talk about Writing for the Christian Market. You can either call into the teleseminar on your phone or listen to it free through a telewebcast over your computer. I will create the contents for the teleseminar around the various questions from the audience. Use this link for a special arrangement that I've made for you to try the AskDatabase for only $1.

Here's another resource for you to learn more about this method. It’s over two hours of free instruction on this topic.

I hope to answer your question on Wednesday's teleseminar. If you can't make the session, please sign up because I'll be sending the link to the replay to everyone who registers.

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