Friday, September 21, 2007

Pass On Value

Through the years, it's been my privilege and opportunity to interview hundreds of best-selling authors. After the interview, I've written their stories for different magazines but I've learned much more than I could ever build into a 1,500 word personality profile. As I've gained new insight and information, part of my make-up is to pass these lessons on to others. It's one of the best ways to cement the information in my own life but also to help others in the process.

I've set up an affiliate program which continues to grow in members. It's free and simple to join. If you work the program, it gives you some passive income potential. Each month I am sending payments to my affiliates who are participating and selling from their participation. It's been exciting to see the growth in this aspect of my work and the benefits for others and myself.

Several months ago I held my first affiliate training session as a teleseminar. I recorded that call and saved the study guide from it. It's given me another resource to give to new affiliates and encourage them. Yes, the examples in the training relate to my site and my products. Here's the beauty of it: the information is universal. If you learn how to use my affiliate links, then you can use other people's affiliate links and increase your own earning potential.

I'm continually looking for new products to bring to my audience--whether I make them or they are from someone else. I know I'm passing along material which has value and earning potential for each person who uses it. This tactic will not be right for everyone and some people will leave your newsletter list. I see this leaving process as a part of the purification process. The only people you want to stay are the people who trust your recommendations and read your material. It is not "fun" when people chide you for sending out too much advertisements when before you were giving out totally free content. (Yes, it's happened many times to me.) I understand that people have different seasons and it's not appropriate for everyone.

At the same time, my newsletter list continues to grow and have strength in the process. I'm still committed to bringing excellent content articles to my Right Writing News list. I've produced 29 issues at this point and only subscribers have access to those free back issues. It is over 400-pages of excellent how-to-write material and part of my commitment to passing on value to writers--whether experienced or brand new.

I'm holding a second affiliate training later today. It’s my second teleseminar for affiliates. I will record the call so if you are reading this entry after the fact, you can still catch the training. I'm picking up where I left off with the first training session and giving additional tips and insight to increase the effectiveness of each affiliate. It's like any writing skill—it only works if you use it. The tips are universal and can be applied to any aspect of your Internet marketing efforts.

Almost daily I see writers who are pitching a novel or a nonfiction book. Yet they have no network or platform and no idea how to build that platform or audience. I've got ideas how to do it and some of those ideas will be taught this afternoon through my teleseminar.

During October and beyond, I've got several exciting teleseminars scheduled so stay tuned. If you look at my speaking schedule you will see, I'm still committed to traditional writers conferences and working on my material that I will be teaching on cutting-edge techniques at the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference. Hope to see you there where I can pass on more valuable lessons and insight.

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