Monday, August 06, 2012

My Forgotten Twitter Quote

“Terry, your twitter feed gave me the perfect quote for my keynote,” Kathleen Y’baro Turner exclaimed to me this past Saturday morning at First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

Kathleen was the keynote lunch speaker at the Texas Christian Writers conference and we were on the faculty together. While setting up our books in the bookstore, she told me about my pointed quote that I put on twitter—yet she did not tell me which quote. As I listened, I wondered, Which quote are you talking about? She left a bit of mystery and didn't tell me the details. Later during her talk, she used my name and included the quotation. When she read it to her audience, I recognized it as something I sent to twitter last week.

Throughout my day, I read articles and other materials about writing and publishing. 

Through Twitter and Facebook, I have an easy way to pass along these articles to others. I see this tool as a wonderful resource. It only takes a few seconds to copy and paste the information into my twitter feed and send it into the marketplace. When I discover value for my own life, I quickly paste it into twitter and send it along for others to read.

Any of my posts to Twitter are automatically pasted into Facebook for an even larger reach. Also I have several places like on my blog and on terrywhalin.com where I have links from my Twitter postings to gain an even larger audience for those postings. If your tweets don't go onto to Twitter, I encourage you to look at the settings in Twitter and make that automatic connection to replicate your tweets on Facebook.

Kathleen as preparing for her keynote message and noticed my quote. “If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.— Ivan Turgenev” These words struck a chord with her and she included it in what she told the group in Houston. It was a surprise to me since I barely remembered doing it. When she read it, I recognized it but it wasn't like I labored over this quotation. It was something that flashed across my screen during a day and I shared it to my Twitter followers.

None of us know what simple actions can impact others. What simple actions are you taking today to share information and encouragement with others? It does not have to consume hours of time or attention. It can begin with a simple act on Twitter.

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