Sunday, October 31, 2010

Make It Easy To Get Something FREE

About a month ago, I noticed several prominent Internet Marketers were promoting PopUp Domination. These marketers are people who are successful with their online efforts and I often learn something new from them. It was the case with this new program.

Several of my websites are on a WordPress platform, which is where this program works best. Within a few days after getting the program, I figured out how to use a plugin (a new experience for me) and got the program working on a site which I haven't been promoting much: www.bookproposalcoach.com. When you go to this site, a popup makes it easy for you to get my free 90-page Ebook offer. While I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of these popups, I do know they are effective because often I will sign up when I am visiting a new site--and that would not have been the case without that popup.

In the last few days, I began to think about how I could increase people who received my free Ebooks such as Straight Talk from the Editor or Platform Building Ideas for Every Author. These two Ebooks are my most popular or frequently requested Ebooks. But I had a problem. For each of these Ebooks, I built the landing pages over on Right-Writing.com. PopUp Domination works on these free standing websites but I haven't figured out how to use that part of the program--yet. It is coming soon but will take a bit more experimentation on my part.

In the meantime, I decided to move Straight Talk from the Editor to WordPress and get PopUp Domination working for it. I got the site moved and working. Now it is easy for anyone to receive my free Ebook.

Where else could I use this new tool? I decided to add it to two other WordPress sites: www.terrywhalin.com and the site to sign up for my free affiliate program, www.terryinfo.com. At my personal site with my name, I decided to give away Platform Building Ideas for Every Author. If you check out terrywhalin.com, you can see the result.

My challenge was what to give someone thinking about joining my affiliate program. The Ebook that I give away has to be relevant to the website. I found this excellent 152-page Ebook, The Affiliate Masters Course, Become a high-earning affiliate champion by Ken Evoy. I set it up at: terryinfo.com. In the last week, I wrote my affiliates and encouraged them to use some new products and tools in my program plus I gave them several tips that can be used in any affiliate program to earn passive income. I'm committed to training and helping these affiliates to use my tools and increase their earnings from my products.

If you are giving away a free Ebook or Special Report, what steps are you taking to make it easy for the reader to get your offer?

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