Friday, October 29, 2010

It's a Cinch with Cinch

Are you watching what other writers, publishers and marketing people are doing to promote their event or book or product? I do.

Today I received a notice of a forthcoming teleseminar from an Internet expert Kathleen Gage known as The Street Smarts Marketeer. Her invitation included a link to something called a Cinch Tip. I listened to her short message but I also looked around at the website, Cinch, which is in beta or start up mode. The service is free. I registered, created a profile and tried it out.

Here's my first short post on Cinch using their widget tool:

It was simple to use. I entered my phone number in my profile then called their number and recorded a brief message. This message ends up on the entry.

One of the remarkable features in my view to this service is that it replicates in Twitter and Facebook. Within Facebook, it adds a little recording button over your image. When you click the button to play it, the audio from Cinch plays on your Facebook page. It is a way to add audio to Facebook.

It is another little tool that you can use to market your next product or event. I'm going to be learning more about it in the days ahead.

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