Sunday, July 11, 2010

Answers For The Continual Author Question

I spend the bulk of my work hours talking and emailing authors because of my role as a book publisher at Intermedia Publishing Group. These individuals have many different ideas, goals and dreams for their books. I'm committed to getting each book out into the marketplace with excellence and a high professional standard.

While these authors have many different goals for their books and some of them openly talk about what they want for the impact of the book and the message, one concrete measurement of the impact of their book is the earnings from their book. Whether they verbalize it or not, each author would like for their book to make money. Throughout my years in publishing, I've been involved in many books as an author and as an editor and now as a book publisher.

Wednesday, July 14th, I'll be talking about the topic of how to make money with books in a live teleseminar. I've built a great deal of thought and value into this event. You can sign up free to attend either on the phone or on the live telewebcast. If you can't attend the actual event, go ahead and sign up (even if you don't have a question) because it will be recorded. Everyone who registers will receive the replay link to the recording.

After you enter your first name and primary email address and a question, then confirm the information, you will reach a thank you, confirmation page. On this page, you can return to listen to the live event but also you can download a copy of a new ebook which I've created: Buzz Your Book, Marketing That Matters. Also you can download an action guide and use it to take notes during the live event or when you listen to the replay.

Hope to speak with you on Wednesday.

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