Monday, May 24, 2010

Discover The Missing Piece

Are you missing a critical piece of your business? If you are a small business owner, speaker, coach or consultant, according to Sophfronia Scott, you need a book. In fact, you can build your business around a book.

Wednesday evening, I will be interviewing Sophfronia but I want to ask your questions so now is your chance to watch me grill this journalist who spent over twenty years writing and editing for People and Time. When she published her first novel, "All I Need to Get By" with St. Martin’s Press in 2004, one prominent reviewer referred to Sophfronia as potentially "one of the best writers of her generation." Sophfronia holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Harvard. In her current position as executive editor of The Done For You Writing & Publishing Company, Sophfronia helps entrepreneurs and speakers to write and publish books to promote their businesses.

Whether you have a question or not, go over to AskSophfronia and sign up. You will receive a free copy of her special report, The Missing Piece which you can instantly download.

Hope to speak with you on Wednesday.

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At 2:58 PM, Blogger Sheila Hall Left a note...


The teleseminar with Sophfronia was EXCELLENT! I am delighted to be able to download the Replay and add it to the shelf marked “Essentials!” in my tiny library.

I was so pleased to hear you read my question. When I first heard Sophfronia’s response, my "Ego" rushed to judgment. Once I “subdued” Ego, I found great wisdom in Sophfronia’s answer and suggestions. She urged me to develop a Report that I could give-away to “those whose ear I have” ... and start nurturing those relationships. She suggested finding out what would best serve their needs - BEFORE inviting them to buy anything. I GET IT!

Terry, thanks so much for introducing Sophfronia to your subscribers. Her insights and coaching were invaluable.



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