Thursday, September 03, 2015

Terry Whalin Writes a Billy Graham biography . . .Twice!

Recently my friend Diane Huff Pitts interviewed me about my Billy Graham book and a number of other great topics. The interview is located at this link.

I'm letting you know about it in this article so you can click over and read my interview. She is publishing it in two parts. 

Just to give you a taste of what it contains, here's her questions:

About my Billy Graham Biography

HC (High Cotton): Terry, what instigated the Billy Graham biography? What has to happen to get a book like this sanctioned by someone so famous?

Faith Impacts Whalin’s Work

HC: In “Two Words That Changed My Life” you introduce visitors to your initial faith walk. How has faith impacted your job in the publishing world?

Networking and Educating Writers

HC: Was there anything in your writing career that gave you a heart for championing new writers?

My answers form the article. Hope you enjoy it and learn as I'm learning.

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