Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seize Opportunity to Get Published

There are a number of keys to getting published. First, you have to learn the craft of writing and have written something of well-done for the market to get excited about and publish. This first point is foundational.

Yet there are many good writers that never get published because they don't follow the second key: stir opportunity and take action. Your writing will never get published if it stays inside your computer or your journal or your desk and never is shown to an editor or literary agent.

You must take consistent action to get connected to the marketplace. I've often said that publishing is a matter of being at the right place at the right time with the right writing to meet the right person (publishing champion). I understand there are many “rights” in that last sentence but it can happen for you if you seize opportunities.

My first book involved meeting a children's editor at a writer's conference. This editor asked me for my ideas—and I had some ideas prepared. When she responded, “That's a good idea. Write that up and send it to me.” 

I went home and took action and wrote it and sent it to the editor. Yes, it took a number of rewrites and other things before that idea actually became a book but I was taking consistent action and moving forward.

You must meet the right champion to get your book published. There are thousands of ideas in circulation and one of the ways you can stand out is to make the right connection.

A writer's conference is a great place to connect with editors and agents and talk with them about what they need and your own book ideas. These talks can happen formally or informally during the conference.

I'm going to be traveling to a number of conferences this coming year and hope our paths will cross. I encourage you to check my speaking schedule on a regular basis so we can personally meet at a conference. As an acquisitions editor, I'm actively looking for all types of manuscripts (adult fiction and nonfiction and children's books).

Tuesday, January 15th, I've created an opportunity for you to learn from an expert, Rick Frishman—and also possibly receive a FREE registration to Author 101 University in Los Angeles in March. Five people will receive these registrations during our 70–minute teleseminar.

You have to take action to be one of these five people. First, you have to register for the FREE call. Second, you have to be listening to the LIVE event on Tuesday night. 

Let's say you take action and register for this call and attend the event—and you are selected as one of the five winners. The registration is worth about $500 and you are able to attend Author 101 University in March. Suddenly you are at an event where you can meet a literary agent or an editor who will get your book published. 

Take action today and sign up for this event (use this link). Ask Rick a question when you register. It may be one of the questions that I will ask Rick on Tuesday night. Even if you don't win one of the registrations, you will learn a great deal and it will be a help to your writing career.

You have to take action to get connected to the publishing world. I hope to speak with you Tuesday night or see you at Author 101 University in March.

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