Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Free Success Insights from a Bestselling Author

When he was first starting out, Jack Canfield and his credit cards were almost maxed out and 144 publishers had rejected his book Chicken Soup for the Soul.

But he never gave up his dream of being a bestselling author.

Today Jack is arguably the most successful, bestselling non-fiction author of all time.

He has over 500 million books in print and has launched 47 New York Times bestsellers (and even had 7 books simultaneously on the list at one point).

How did Jack get from where he was to where he really wanted to be - and more importantly, how can you use his strategies to make your own books a success?

Find out on a free telephone seminar on Thursday, January 3rd on which Jack will be interviewed by Steve Harrison, who has helped over 12,000 authors promote their books.

Whether your book right now is just a dream, a still-to-be-completed manuscript, or a published reality, this call is for you.

Go here now to register for Thursday's call.

Even if you've heard Jack before, you'll come away with strategies you can use right away. You'll discover: Jack's journey from inner city public school teacher to bestselling author and speaker

* Why becoming a bestseller is no longer about luck - it's about having a plan

* 5 ways writing a book will change your life

* What you should ideally be doing before you start writing your book and trying to get it published

* How Jack responded when his book was initially rejected by 144 publishers as well as his own literary agent, and how you too can find the inspiration to keep going

* Key insights into how the publishing and book marketing game really works

* A simple technique Jack used in writing his book, "The Success Principles," which allowed him to later sell thousands of copies to a single company. Plus, how Jack used the same method to land 50 speaking engagements -- all because of something he did while writing the book.

* A powerful way to overcome any initial discomfort you might feel about putting yourself out there as an author, speaker, book promoter or talk show guest

* How to structure your book so it's the best possible book it can be and people tell their friends about it

* Some of the pros and cons between traditional publishing and self publishing 

* How he sold his first 20,000 copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul BEFORE he even had a publisher

* The strategy Jack used to sell 6 million books to one company

* How to take a small part of your book and get a company or organization to pay you big bucks for it. On the call, he'll tell you how this one technique brought him $75,000

* Two keys to turning radio and TV interview into sales
and more!

Go here now to register for Thursday's call with Jack Canfield.

I know you'll learn a lot on the call with Steve and Jack. If you’ve heard his story before, it’s worth hearing again. I’m promoting the free call as a compensated affiliate because I constantly hear from authors. Many of these authors write their books with no guidance from anyone, and end up with thousands of dollars worth of books they can’t sell. 

You need to hear this call so sign up today.

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