Friday, October 24, 2008

Sound Web Marketing Advice

When it comes to marketing information online, there are many competing voices. How do you know where to turn for sound advice? I often meet writers who do not have any presence online or they have not changed their website in YEARS and wonder where to turn.

Recently I read Web Marketing for Small Businesses, 7 Steps to Explosive Business Growth by Stephanie Diamond. This book is packed with current insight and ideas.

Several years ago there was great suspicion about the Internet and websites because some of them were fake. While some fake sites still exist, this suspicion has largely disappeared and in fact, completely reversed. Now the web or Internet is often the FIRST place that people turn when they have a business need.

If you are a small business owner, you need to harness the power of the Internet to increase your own bottom line and visibility. Web Marketing For Small Businesses is an invaluable resource. With detailed and current examples, Stephanie Diamond helps every reader understand the changing roles and the necessity of a new mindset. Then she walks the reader through a seven-step action plan to discover your niche, capitalize on your brand, tell your story, jump higher in the search engines, write good content (persuasive landing pages, minisites and sales letters), social media tactics and finally tried and true tactics (newsletters, article marketing, white papers and much more).

Stephanie Diamond is a seasoned expert in this field and writes with authority about a subject that she knows intimately.

This easy-to-digest text is a book that I will use over and over. The worksheets alone in the back are worth the cost of this book. Small business owners who follow the wisdom in these pages will profit in many ways--and I mean much more than your bottom line. You will gain a presence and visibility which will only enhance your financials and increase your business.

I also recommend you check out the resources on her Squidoo page and her blog. If you'd like to download one of her free teleseminars, then use this link. Stephanie has many more details about the book in this Marketing Message Notebook. Also she's launched a free e-course related to the book.

From these various resources, you can see that Stephanie Diamond is someone who practices what she writes about web marketing.

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