Friday, October 03, 2008

Score Positive Publicity

It's pretty easy to spiral into depression when you watch the news--at least it is for me. I want to keep up on my world but it takes some effort to watch what is happening out there.

You can be a difference maker if you take the right approach to the media. Over the last few entries, I've been telling you about I See Your Name Everywhere by Pam Lontos & Andrea Brunais. They have a chapter in their book titled, "Scoring Positive Publicity--Part 1: 7 ways to prepare, 7 tactics to try."

Why seven? They say, "People need to see things at least seven times to even remember it. When someone reads about you in an article, they may not have a need for your services or products at that particular moment. But by continually having your name out there, they will begin to recognize it, and when the time comes they will remember seeing your name." (page 76).

The advice about repeatedly telling people about you and your book make total sense to me. It's one of the reasons I regularly slip in a reference to my Book Proposals That Sell or my teleseminar called Secrets About Proposals. You may not have an immediate need for it but later on when you do need it, I hope you will remember that it's out there and can help you.

I am not going to giveaway their seven points but I'm going to give you three of them in hopes it will show you the excellent content in this book and encourage you to study it:

1. Teach yourself to recognize a good-news story.

2. Realistically assess the news value of the story.

3. Be Persistent.

The book includes examples and explains each point. For some of you who haven't thought about your product or your work in this fashion, it will take some adjustment in your thinking to come up with these ideas--but I'm confident you can do it--and it will help your own impact on the marketplace.

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