Sunday, July 27, 2008

Author Conversations Worth Watching

I do not watch many YouTube videos. If you search these entries on The Writing Life, you will notice that I often refer to a book or a magazine or newspaper article--something which appears in a printed format instead of YouTube.

Recently I read a post from Mary Beth Whalen (no relation notice the spelling of her last name). She pointed out the vulnerability in a YouTube video from author Anne Lamott:

This conversation is almost an hour but well worth the viewing time in what you will learn about the author, her commitment to the craft of writing and other insights.

The experience stirred me to learn more about Dean Nelson and The Writer's Symposium by the Sea. Because I love the work of Eugene Peterson and The Message Bible, I also watched the conversation with Dr. Peterson, who is rarely interviewed:

Again this interview holds good insight for any writer about storytelling. I dug a bit further into this series and located the complete listing of various writer interviews over the 13 year history.

As a writer, I've learned a great deal from my interviews with more than 150 bestselling authors. After my sessions with each author, I've written many magazine articles about these writers and how they practice their craft. The experience has built a tremendous amount into my own life--much more than is reflected in the large body of work from these interviews.

You can pick up different hints for your own writing as you watch these conversations from some authors that you know and admire and others that you have never heard about or barely know their names. It will take you (and me) a long time to work through these various conversations. I point it out as a rich resource for your own growth as a writer.

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At 7:05 PM, Blogger Kristi Holl Left a note...

Or thank you so much for the link to Anne Lamott's interview. It was fabulous!!! It gives me courage to be more honest.


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