Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Pay Off From Social Media

Several months ago, I wrote about LinkedIn and Book Reviews. Part of the concern with all these social media tools is to make them actually pay off in terms of growing your business. While it's is really nice to be connected to the world, how is that connection paying off for you in terms of increased income, increased business or some other tangible result?

Most of the social media tools are free so the trade off is an investment in personal time and energy. I've had some pay off from these tools but not to the degree that I'd like so I continue to learn and increase my skills and knowledge about social media.

Last night I attended a live workshop event called, "The Secret Behind Social Media--How to Grow Your Business Online." In a 60-day period, the organizers used social media to promote the event. Almost 100 people paid to attend this event which was packed with information and engaging speakers. I filled pages of my notebook as each presenter spoke. I've highlighted a number of elements which I'm going to apply to my own social media efforts.

The World Webinar Network organized this event. Here's how you can learn about this topic. First, join the World Webinar Network Ning (free). Each of the power points from last night's workshop have been turned into PDFs which are in the forum section. Yes, it's not like the live event but you can gain a great deal of insight and information from these presentations.

It's going to be good review for me as I apply my notes from the event.

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At 9:28 AM, Blogger StevenGroves Left a note...

Thanks for coming Terry and we're overjoyed that you valued the content enough to share it with your readers.

The videos from the event will be coming soon too. Chance Carpenter at Essential Event Technology recorded the event and will be putting them into CrowdBox.com for your readers to enjoy.


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