Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Every Writer Is A Copywriter

Some of you are going to balk at my headline saying, "I'm not a copywriter. I'm a novelist."

Or "I'm not a copywriter. I'm a journalist."

Or "I'm not a copywriter. I'm a nonfiction author."

Or "I'm not a copywriter. I'm a ________."

Many people resist the term copywriting or even the discipline of copywriting. Often copywriting is associated with direct mail sales letters, print ads and other types of sales copy. So why does every writer need to be a copywriter? Copywriting will teach you how to write words which draw people to take action. As a novelist, you want the editor or literary agent to open your submission, look at the title and be drawn to reading your material. From my experience, it doesn't happen very often because the writer hasn't poured enough energy into those words.

The same elements are in play when you write a subject for an email or a headline for a blog posting or a title for your next magazine article or book proposal. My encouragement is to learn these writing techniques because the skills can be invaluable to your writing--any writing.

While in New York City, I met fellow ASJA member, Steve Slaunwhite who runs a thriving copywriting business. During the conference, Steve spoke several different times. He offers a great free resource on his website, The Copywriter's Success Kit. Go over and download this resource then read it and listen to the two free audio downloads. It is well worth your time and personal growth as a writer--or any type.

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