Saturday, September 12, 2020

A Simple Way For Writers To Stand Out

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

The publishing world is competitive. Thousands of new books are released into the world every day. Yet there is a simple way for writers to standout. While this method is simple, it is not easy: do what you say you will do.
Years ago when I was an acquisitions editor at another publisher, a colleague needed me to connect with a contracted bestselling author who was late on his manuscript—a year late. As someone who has stayed up writing all night to meet a publisher deadline, I was surprised this author could be so late. At this publsher, we had weekly schedule meetings where we talked about our contracted books and where they were in the publishing process. I learned a lot just listening to the details about these various books.
As a writer I have all sorts of deadlines. Some of them are self-imposed and some are from my editors. Last week I received an email from a friend about her new children's board book. She was looking for reviews. I reached out, asked for a copy and the marketing director at her publisher sent it to me. I loved the creativity in this little book, wrote my review and posted it on Amazon and Goodreads. There was no money exchanged in this process. I read books and write reviews for fun. I receive many books and don't get all of them read and reviewed but in this case a board book only has a few pages the process was easy to do. 
As the Bible says in Matthew 5:37a, “All you need to say is simply 'Yes' or 'No'.” It is a simple way to stand out as a writer. If you meet your deadlines with high quality material, if you promise to write something, and then do it, you will separate yourself from other writers.
How do you stand out as a writer? Do you have other ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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At 10:05 AM, Blogger J.D. Wininger Left a note...

Well said Mr. Terry. I've long believed that doing what you say you're going to do is a sign of both integrity and professionalism. When I turn wood on a lathe, it's a hobby. I have various projects, some of which I may never finish according to plan. When I contract to write for someone, or myself, I do everything possible to honor that commitment. This isn't to say that I've never requested an extension; but I try to make those exception and not the norm. Enjoyed as always sir. God's blessings.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


Thank you for this comment and the encouragement.



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