Sunday, June 21, 2020

Don't Forget Some Marketing Basics

By Terry Whalin @terrywhalin

Last week I told you about launching my special offer on my newest book, 10 Publishing Myths. Today I want to talk about several simple marketing basics every author can use to tell new readers about your book. As authors, we want to try new marketing efforts yet also we don't want to forget (or neglect) some basics.

If you blog (and I hope you do), your blog has a profile. Does this profile include clickable links to your latest books? A while back I wrote an explanation of clickable links. Just follow this link to get this information. I have not updated my blog profile in ages but last weekend I dug into my settings, found the location and made some changes. It's something I suggest you do as well for your latest offering to cover the marketing basics.

I've mentioned in these articles about tweeting 12–15 times a day using Hootsuite. Twitter has a feature that I've known about for several years but never used—called pinning a tweet and image. You can pin this tweet to the top of your various tweets. Until you change the pinned tweet, it remain at the top. While I've tweeted  thousands of times, I had never pinned anything—until last weekend.  As I pinned, it was a process to get it to look right. Here's this tweet.  At first, it did not so I deleted it and reworked it until I got it like I wanted it. Are you pinning a tweet?

Throughout every day, each of us send email. Do you have a signature in your email? Does this signature promote your latest book? I changed my personal email address and my work email address to add this promotion. Until I revise it, this promotion will be in my emails. Why are these signatures important? Throughout the week I write emails and adding these words point people to my 10 Publishing Myths special offer. The receiver may not notice it the first or third time we email—but they may eventually look at it. The marketing is something simple and consistent.

Finally I updated the website with my name www.terrywhalin.com  I do not drive a lot of traffic to this site but it is a common way that people will search for me and go to it. I added my special offer right at the top of this site. Admittedly I have not updated this site in a while—and it probably needs a whole new make over but that will have to wait until a later date.

I've been making sure I cover the marketing basics for my 10 Publishing Myths special offer. Have I left out something or you have a different marketing basic? Let me know in the comments below.


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At 11:54 AM, Blogger Linda M. Kurth Left a note...

Interesting about pinning a tweet. I know I should tweet more, but somehow I'm not compelled to do it. And I suspect the majority my readers are not either. I could be wrong.

I also don't send my blog posts to my email list, and I guess that's a mistake. I include the links to my blog posts in my monthly newsletters, but maybe that's not enough? I'm wondering if I did so, if there should be a notice at the top of the post that it can be read on my read web site. I do post the links to my blogs on Facebook and Twitter, and I boost those Facebook posts.

One thing I know I do right is to have an offer for a lead magnet at the top of my home page and in the banner of my blog page. I routinely get new subscribers that way.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


Thanks for this feedback. Each of us can do what we can do--and we have to let the rest go. I didn't write my article to add to your list of things you are not doing--just to give you some ideas of things you could be doing if you want (and can make the time).



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