Monday, August 12, 2013

Take Action to Grow

This morning I was organizing my desk and found a CD from a conference I attended in June. The Write to Publish Conference generously gave each attendee a free copy of 26 sessions from the previous year. 

Yet my copy was still in the wrapper and unopened. Despite my good intentions, I had not heard any of these sessions for my own growth as a writer.

Also today I picked a book off my shelf that I had purchased months ago, yet never opened the pages and read it. It is one of the many how-to books that I regularly read and apply to my writing life or business practices.

As writers, we have good intentions to learn and grow but we don't take consistent action. I regularly speak with authors who have good intentions to send me a promised book proposal or a manuscript. 

Yet a million interruptions have come into their life and they haven't sent it—but they still have plans. Ironically these same authors want to tell me about some pricey training where they've just returned. I've met a number of people who attend many training sessions on a regular basis—yet they have joined the ranks of the person who comes to an event yet doesn't apply the information they are absorbing. It strikes me as a waste of good intentions.

I want to encourage you to apply whatever teaching or training you have received—as you continue to learn more about your craft. I have taken the shrink wrapper off the CD with teaching from a writer's conference. I'm going to begin to listen to some of these sessions.

That book which has been on my shelf for months. I will open and spend some time reading and gaining insight from this seasoned professional who wrote the book.

As I listen to the audio programs and read the book, I will take notes and apply lessons to my own writing life. Each of us have good intentions. The key distinction is if we take action on these intentions and move forward. 

If you are looking for a boost to your writing life, then I encourage you to take my Write A Book Proposal course or read my Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams book. You must take action to grow and achieve the desires in your heart.

How are you moving ahead to accomplish your writing dreams and plans?

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