Thursday, March 08, 2012

Action Steps for Authors

During the past weekend, I was at Author 101 University in Los Angeles. It was a fantastic event on many different levels and if you get a chance to attend in the future, I encourage you to do so. Each year it is held in Los Angeles in the spring and in Las Vegas in the fall.

It doesn't matter who publishes your book. You will gain encouragement and insight from attending such an agent—and many new connections and ideas.

Some people attend these events with blinders and complain about the value of the event. It is a different writer's conference and each speaker is focused on a different way to market your books. At the end of the presentations (only in the last few minutes) these speakers will pitch a product so the participant can go deeper with the speaker (for an additional fee). Sometimes, the participants will only recall the dollar amount of the product and they forget the valuable insight that was given before the pitch. If that happens, I take the complaints with a grain of salt because the participant lost focus and missed the insights.

I sat in several of these presentations and when I was there, I was writing in my notebook constantly because of the valuable information from these speakers. Each one of them were seasoned experienced professionals who know how to help others get their message into the marketplace.

Many authors have this false expectation that if they publish a book, it will sell. It does not happen in isolation and without effort from the author. I gave five action steps and more of the details in an original article that appears on BookBuzzr called If You Build It & They Don't Come. I encourage you to click this link and follow the action steps for every author.

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