Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Beauty of Gratitude

We live in a thankless world. It's rare to receive a handwritten Thank You note for any act of kindness. It's almost a lost practice to send little notes of appreciation.

Repeatedly I've seen the beauty of gratitude as I express it for different actions. For example, recently I received a book in the mail from an author. He was excited about the contents and sent it to me. I often write about books and review books so I can appreciate the effort from this writer to send it to me and get it into my hands. Unfortunately from my years in publishing, at a glance, I could tell this product was homemade and lacking in a number of areas. I'll not be writing about this book nor reading it. What could I do to encourage this author? I decided that I could express my appreciation to this author and wish him all the best with the book.

I pulled out a Thank You note and expressed my appreciation and put it into today's mail.

Because I've been writing about books for years, authors will often send me their books. I appreciate the gesture but often it is a challenge to find any time to read these books. Even writing a short note of appreciation takes time but it is time well-spent in my view.

I love the season of Thanksgiving because it renews our focus on gratitude. Are you looking for a way to touch people, build relationships and get noticed? A simple step is to develop an attitude of gratitude. As you increase your focus on thankfulness and gratitude, it will lift your spirits and help you become a positive influence to the people in your life. I'm committed to being grateful much more than during this season. It's a pattern I want to carry out every day. How about you?

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At 7:07 PM, Blogger Unknown Left a note...

Amen! Learning a lot from your blog. Thanks!

At 6:58 AM, Blogger sbj Left a note...

Thank you for this timely article and previous articles you sent. I'm always edified and inspired by them.

May the Lord continue to bless and use you to inspire people in the ministry of writing for the Master.

To God be the glory!


At 9:01 AM, Blogger Sheila LyonHall Left a note...

Terry …

The point you make is “Ever Green” and should always be in vogue. The truth is, however, I too see few demonstrations of the art and practice of Gratitude. So today, I choose to breathe new life into the practice by expressing my appreciation to you. For what, you ask? For the years of tireless “Excellence” that has characterized your interactions with authors, writers, and students who wish to hone their craft and achieve their “personal best” as writers. I won’t mention the “generosity” and “kindness” you continue to infuse in those interactions. The fortunate ones who have “found you” know this well. So my Pre-Thanksgiving Expression of Gratitude is extended to you – W. Terry Whalin – for all you’ve done and still hope to do for the community of writers who are ravenous for “The Writing Life.” Shalom!

At 4:50 AM, Blogger 00 Left a note...

A note means so much more these days than simply saying thanks, but I often miss the mark by taking too long to do it. I'm usually missing all the basics such as cards, envelopes and stamps.

My most shameful failure in sending out timely Thank You cards was after my wedding. Four years later and I still feel bad about it. Yet there’s no time like the present to change!

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Ruth Douthitt Left a note...

Thanks for this reminder. I received a homemade Thank You card from a teen I minister to at church. It was so nice to see that her parents are teaching her the art of the "thank you" note. It felt good and I plan on paying it forward by thanking someone special to me.



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