Saturday, July 16, 2011

Start Now & (Eventually) Get Big

Last week I passed over 32,000 followers on Twitter. When people see those numbers, they wonder how they did it. I see many people who have less than 200 followers on Twitter. Other people haven't tweeted in months and have given up on their involvement—yet over 200 million people are active on twitter.

Others react strongly when they see that I have over 4300 friends on Facebook. The typical person on Facebook has a few hundred friends.

I can often hear the amazement in the voice of people when they learn that I've written over 60 books or that I've written for more than 50 printed publications. I do have a large body of work that I have been growing for many years. It did not happen instantly or overnight. Instead body of my work has been growing for years.

The same thing has happened with my Twitter following. It began slowly but I've been consistently growing that audience. It is not magical but happens in small incremental and consistent action.

I've often heard authors say they took years to become an overnight success. We live in an instant society where everyone wants to write the next bestseller. I hear these unrealistic ambitions from authors almost daily. These authors have published a book or two with modest success. Other authors have never published a book yet they believe they have the next bestseller. There is nothing wrong with ambition but it has to be followed up with a consistent plan of action.

I've spoken with a number of authors who believe they have the next bestseller—yet a year later when I speak with them these authors are in exactly the same unpublished spot. They are “talking” about getting their book published.

Here's my encouragement to you:

1. Take some time to plan your writing goals. What are you doing to consistently write for online publications or printed magazines? Are you working on your book proposal to show an agent or editor?

2. Take some time to plan your marketing goals. What are you doing to build your audience for your topic? Are you actively using Twitter and Facebook? I've encourage you to look into Tweet Adder for Twitter. Get the free download and try it. Use this program consistently to build your twitter audience. You can even get 15% off the one-time fee if you use the code: NICHE15

3. Take consistent action with your writing and marketing efforts. That constant action will pay off for you. It will not happen overnight but with regular action, you will get there.

You have to take action today to be able to eventually get big.

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