Saturday, October 23, 2010

Practical Help for The Author's "What If"

Most writers live some of the time in the world of "What If." We think about the reader for our words and the target audience. We dream about our publishers (and us) selling thousands of copies and some day even landing on the bestseller list.

I speak with authors all the time about their ambitions and dreams for their books or their "what if" plans. I appreciate their ambition and desires to get their book out to the broadest possible audience. This desire might not be focused on the financial gain from their book. Some authors are just eager to get their message out to the largest possible number of people. These dreams are healthy in my view because every writer needs to keep thinking about how to reach new readers with their work.

Many authors forget that over 60% of the book sales happen outside of the bookstore. There are large quantities of books which are sold to a single company and called Special Market Sales or Volume Buy Backs. It is an aspect that I encourage authors to think about and include in their book proposals so their proposal stands out from the others under consideration.

While you may be attracted to the idea of selling large volumes of your book, how do you do it? This technique works for any type of book. It does not have to be a new book or nonfiction or fiction or a children's book. I've been reading about these types of sales for years and encouraging authors to think in this direction for the "what if" possibilities for their book. I've created a way for you to learn about this concept through a free teleseminar on November 3rd.

Ted Rogers and Vickie Mullins are the founders of Perfect Bound Marketing, a company which specializes in helping authors and publishers to sell books by the truckload. They have broad experience of selling volumes of books. As they say on their website, "Ted signed his first Special Market Sales Campaign contract in 1993 and began creating relationships with companies, associations and not-for-profits where his book sold more than 100,000 copies in a single sale." While Ted has some amazing experiences, his partner Vickie Mullins also knows this area of the market. Their site explains, "In 2005, Vickie authored her first book of what grew to be a series of eight titles. She soon discovered the strategies and potential sales opportunities associated with Special Market Sales and began selling books in her series, I Want You To Know Me …, by the thousands."

Wednesday, November 3rd, I will be hosting a live 70-minute teleseminar with your questions about special market sales. Ted and Vickie will be answering your questions about this area and helping us understand the five mistakes which authors and publishers make and it prevents you from achieving massive book sales. Register today for this free session and ask your question at: www.massivebooksales.com.

In addition, when you sign up for this free event, you will receive a special report from Ted and Vickie: 26 Secrets & Steps for Book-selling Success. If you have a conflict and can not attend the live event, go ahead and sign up. If you don't have a question, then in the space mark "no question" yet go ahead and register now for this event. It will be recorded and everyone who registers will receive the replay information after the Nov. 3rd event.

Sign up today for this November 3rd event and gain this practical help about how you can sell large quantities of your book. These special sales are possible whether your book has been out for some time or whether it is brand new. They work whether your book was published from a major publisher or whether your book was self-published. You can open a window to the world of possibilities through special market sales. I look forward to seeing you at this unique event. Be sure and tell your author friends.

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