Sunday, September 06, 2015

My Diane Pitts' Interview -- Part 2

Several days ago, I told you about when Diane Huff Pitts interviewed me.  She divided the interview into two parts and here's link to the first portion.

In the second portion, I tackle different questions—some of it is familiar but other topics I've not written about before. Here are the questions:

Writers' Conferences

HC (High Cotton): I was introduced to your writing through the Heroes of the Faith series, and later we met at Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. What advice do you give attendees regarding preparation for writers conferences?

Brick and Mortar Bookstores

HC: Are bookstores (brick and mortar) on the way out? What are your views on the industry today?

Why Build a Platform and Social Media Presence?

HC: Everyone wants to write, but few understand the demand for social presence and building platform. Describe your approach.

Your Free Online Resources

HC: You offer free resources like Straight Talk from the Editor. What can writers learn from this resource and others you’ve provided?

Your Long-term Plans

HC: You are known as someone who has a plan. A long term and a daily plan. What will Terry Whalin be doing in five years?

Use this link to go to Diane's blog and read my answers to these questions. I hope you gain a lot of information and insight from reading my answers. 

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