Monday, May 30, 2011

Open the World of Publishing with This Book

The publishing world is full of possibilities. Many people want to enter it and often jump in with little understanding or background. Without a good guide or mentor, they make many mistakes and waste lots of time, money and energy going down the wrong paths. This book will help you avoid some of those missteps.

In the preface, Joel Friedlander clearly defines his purpose and audience: “instead of a how-to book, I decided to create a kind of ‘why-to’ book. In A Self-Publisher’s Companion, I’ve pulled together the writing I think is the best I’ve done on the world of self-publishing today. I hope it will be a real companion to authors thinking about getting into the exciting and fast-changing world of self-publishing.”

The contents are divided into six helpful divisions: A Self-Publishing Orientation, Bookmaking, Social Media for Authors, The Ebook Revolution, The Electronic Life and You Are the Market.

Friedlander fills this title with practical information and insight. You will want to keep your yellow highlighter handy as you read it and mark sections to return and re-read. For example in his chapter, Things I Love—and Hate—About Self-Publishing, he writes, “There’s a lot to love about self-publishing, and a lot to hate. My hope is that by educating yourself, you’ll avoid the worst of these situations and end up with a book you can be proud of, and which you can sell for a profit. I love that idea.” Whether you are starting in publishing or exploring options or experienced and looking for some new ideas, you will gain from a careful reading of A SELF PUBLISHER’S COMPANION. I loved this book and I’ve become a new fan of TheBookDesigner.com.

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