Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Details of Making Books

Over the last few months, I've not added any entries. Several days ago, I started again and it will continue. Today I wanted to give you a glimpse at what has been filling my days as a publisher. I may have been absent from blogging but not from book publishing.

I've returned to working with authors on their books--all the details of their books such as their titles, their book covers and their words on the inside of the books. It is consuming and I have some great projects in the works. I want to tell you about one of them that is coming soon called Spiritual lessons from Wall Street.

Yesterday I was working with author Brandon Pope on a sample of the interior of his book. I am not designing the interior--but I am the connection between the author and the person doing that layout. Within our system at Intermedia, the author has more control over every detail of the process. I personally like it when an author takes a more hands on approach--because then I know they care about every detail of the book. As I've said in other entries, the details count in book publishing--and many people shrug or ignore the details. It did not happen with this author.

After about a dozen phone calls and even more emails, we finally got the sample of the interior. Toward the end of this process, I'll admit I was ready to get the approval and move on to something else which is screaming from my workload. Yet Brandon persisted on every detail of the sample until it was right.

Later that day, I was thinking about the process and I applauded this author for his persistence. From my experience, it is the difference between making something that is good and something that is great.

The essence of any book begins with an excellent manuscript. You can have a snappy title and a beautiful book cover. But if the words on the inside don't deliver on the promises of the cover and title, then you will not get that buzz going for the book. I'm talking about where readers rave about their reading experience and it is all they can talk about for several days. They tell everyone in their path -- whether through email or in person--about the book.

Yes there are many things you can do to stimulate that conversation or buzz--and as an author, you need to make that continual marketing effort.

Every writer needs to be concerned about creating an excellent manuscript and persist in getting the details right. I believe it will pay off for Spiritual Lessons from Wall Street.

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At 7:52 AM, Blogger Debbie Left a note...

What an intriguing title for a book! Somehow Wall Street and spiritual lessons don't seem to go together and yet I'm very curious now. How's that for starting the buzz before it's even completed? That's a good marketing plan!


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