Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Search For Your Key Insight

How persistent and passionate are you about the book idea that you want to get into print? If you want to succeed with your idea, you need to continually look for your breakthrough moment where you find that key insight.

I find too many writers try a few times then give up. If you are passionate about a particular topic, are you writing shorter magazine articles about it to build your publishing credentials? Are you writing online material? Are you launching a newsletter about it and regularly communicating with that audience (or even finding that audience in the first place)?

Last week when I interviewed Andy McGuire at Moody Publishers he said during the call that he reads the first paragraph and if that is good then he reads the second paragraph and so forth. Just that small discussion was keen insight about how to work toward excellent storytelling and the necessity of catching Andy's attention as an acquisitions editor. This interview is instantly available just follow this link.

Tonight I'll be answering real questions from writers about their book proposal creation in a free teleseminar. The call will be recorded and if you are reading this note after the session, you are not too late and can still hear it on the replay. Earlier this week I mentioned the free resource I created if you sign up for this session called BOOK PROPOSALS THAT SELL EXTRA SPECIAL REPORT. I showed you the cover of this resource but today I want to show you one of the inside pages.

This resource is 90-pages of insight about book proposal creation. I made certain when I created it to maintain the various links and websites to strengthen the value of it for any writer.

I have no idea which element will be your key insight. Maybe it will come from a question I'm going to answer tonight or something you will read in this resource. I am certain of one thing--you will not find it unless you are aware of it--and continually searching for it. I look forward to answering your questions tonight.

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At 8:03 PM, Blogger Crystal Laine Miller Left a note...

What I love about these teleseminars is being able to access them after they happen. It's not always possible to participate and what great information!

I think this is something I may be searching for in my current WIP--that key insight. At first when I saw you talking about it in this entry, I thought you were just talking about nonfiction, but you also mean with fiction. That gave me something else to think about.

Thanks so much for continuing to post these informative blog entries. I don't always comment, but I do read them weekly. I am always given something new to chew on!


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