Thursday, June 19, 2008

Did You Miss Last Night's Interview?

I know a few writers who are regretting the fact they didn't listen to my live virtual book tour last night with Moody fiction editor Andy McGuire. The exchanges provided a series of valuable information for any writer interested in writing children's books or in particular writing fiction for Moody Publishers.

Here's the good news: you can still listen to the full interview--even download it to your iPod or computer and hear it on your own schedule. Just follow this link. This session was recorded and late last night I made a few edits to the interview (mostly cleaning up some pauses) then I added a short music introduction for the beginning and the end. Next I moved the material into the replay page (see the illustration). It's not too late for anyone to hear this information so just go to the link, give your first name and email address. In the question box, you can mark "no question" since they will not be used because the interview is over.

It will take you to the replay page. Notice at the bottom of my illustration the little yellow "tell-a-friend" tool, you can use it to send a short email to others about this valuable resource. Why is it valuable? Through listening to Andy, you can learn specifically about the types of fiction books which he is actively looking for Moody Publishers. How does he process a submission? How much of it does he read? This information is in the interview and will help you target your submission to Moody Publishers.

Also in the children's market area, how can you gain a hearing for your manuscript? What does it take and how did Andy do it for his first children's book, Rainy Day Games? You can learn this information through the teleseminar along with other great insights.

The only way you will miss out on this information is if you don't go over there and get it. I want to keep learning and growing in my knowledge of the publishing business and the market. I learned a great deal during this session and you can too.

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