Friday, May 09, 2008

The 7-Question Author Profile Quiz

I have a quick multiple choice question for you to answer today.

Here it is:

"Which of these three statements best describes your current or future book or info marketing project?"

(a) "I'm a published author who needs more sales and marketing advice with my current campaign."

(b) "I have a written manuscript that I need to complete in order to publish it into book or info product form."

(c) "I have a book in my heart that I need to write first and then learn how to promote it."

What's your answer going to be?

No matter what your ANSWER is, that's just one of the 7-Question Author Profile Quiz my colleague, Alex Mandossian, has developed to see how you stack up against other authors and infopreneurs worldwide!

To get free instant access to this Quiz, you'll need to click this link.

The Quiz takes about 60-seconds to take and you'll get your "Author Profile" a few minutes after you're done. It's fast. It's easy. And it's fun so take this Quiz now.

If you're an author, info marketer, small business owner or Entrepreneurial CEO and you have a book in your heart, then this "Author Quiz" is a must do for you.

Also after taking the Quiz, you'll also be eligible to attend a live tele-training on June 5th (2 hours) that will teach you how to sell more books (or info products) faster, better and with less human effort. Here's the link again to the "Author Quiz."

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