Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's Not Rocket Science

The question seemed like a simple one to me, "Do you work with children's publishers?" I found it on the network LinkedIn. It allowed me to send a question and learn more information about the need. It turns out this person worked in television and reached a large audience. He wanted to reach a children's publisher to explore a publishing relationship. I had never met this person.

I regularly answer all sorts of writing and publishing questions to help new and professional writers. Often I answer questions or respond with my opinion at a couple of different writing related forums. Some times it leads to some business opportunities and some times not. It's not why I'm answering the questions. Repeatedly I've seen as I engage people in the publishing process and help them with their need, then the business and work will come my direction. I’m in the middle of the mixture.

With this person that asked about children's publishers, we've just engaged in some conversation. I'm unsure where it will lead but without LinkedIn, I would never have had the connection in the first place. I'm beginning to learn the power of this connected network.

Several months ago, someone approached me and asked me to join their LinkedIn network. I glanced at it and refused. It was just one more "thing" for my involvement and at the time I couldn't do it. Then a few months later, someone else approached me about LinkedIn. This time I put some additional effort into exploring their system and adding to my profile. I filled out the request and slowly added my resume information and background to the online system.

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Let's face it. People tend to move around from position to position. Some times that person is good about notifying their network about the move. But many people are not skilled at such communication and lose part of their network with a move to a new company or a new location. Through LinkedIn, I've reestablished a number of relationships in the publishing community and in other places such as the tech community. You can control how much or how little information you include in your profile. I've found it another area that is good put into circulation. You never know what can happen from it--if you are using it.

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At 4:22 PM, Blogger Gina Conroy Left a note...

I felt like you when I was invited, but recently I joined and am trying to find my way around.

There are just too many ways to stay connected on the internet, I don't have time to keep up with everything that comes my way.


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