Monday, October 29, 2007

Attitude Always Counts

How do you face your writing tasks? Is it just one more thing to be done or is there an attitude of expectancy with real excitement about the opportunity to communicate? Your attitude and approach will make a difference about how you complete the task--whether it comes out as ordinary or extra-ordinary.

While I don't always achieve it, I have tried to take the attitude of an eager learner who wants to constantly grow in my craft and knowledge about publishing or writing or whatever I tackle.

Years ago I supervised a writer as a part of my responsibility. One day I asked him if he ever attended a writers' conference. "Oh, yes," he responded. "I go if they ask me to teach." That wasn't the answer that I was expecting from this person.  Almost anyone will attend a conference if asked to teach or lead a class but do you go to the conference to learn and grow from others at it? It's a different attitude and perspective to take such a learning stance.

At the recent Glorieta Conference, I blocked some time in my schedule to take a session from one of the other teachers.  After the class, I expressed my appreciation for her information and insight. From her response, I could tell she was a bit surprised that I was even there but I learned some things from that session and took notes as she taught it.

In the last few weeks, I've hosted two distinct teleseminars. Both of these teleseminars are now in "replay mode." Askterrywhalin.com is about Writing For The Christian Market and features an interview that I did with Shawn McMullen, editor at The Lookout. This publication is one of the best places for a new writer to break into writing for the Christian market and Shawn explained step-by-step what he needs from writers during the session.  You can go to the page and instead of reaching the confirmation page with the information about the teleseminar, you will reach the replay page, where you can download all or part of the teleseminar or listen to it online.  Then last week I interviewed Susan Driscoll, President and CEO of iUniverse.com at asksusandriscoll.com. Like the first teleseminar, this one is also in replay mode and has great insight about self-publishing.

Take a minute for an attitude check then recommit to learning and growing in your craft. Then practice it day in and day out. You can make a difference.

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