Sunday, August 19, 2018

Who Believes in Your Writing?

Many of the words in this image are tied to belief.

Last week I signed a contract for another book project. As an acquisitions editor, I help others with their contract but my own writing has dropped in recent years as I focus on helping others. I'm excited about this new project but the experience made me think about the concept of belief.

Throughout my publishing career, I've been blessed to sign numerous contracts. Because I've worked inside publishing companies, I know a contract is not issued without a number of people deliberating and making the decision. These publishing professionals believe that I was the best person to write this book so they issued a contract. I'm looking forward to working on this book in the days ahead.

It has been my honor to believe in a number of authors over the years as an acquisitions editor. When you are writing your book or proposal, inwardly you wonder whether anyone will want to publish this book. Yes every writer has these doubts and faces this uncertainty. Yet they continue forward to write and complete the book.

I opened a package last week with a new book which releases in November, I Wanted to Be A Pilot by Franklin J. Macon with Elizabeth G. Harper. I met Liz at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. This middle school teacher had written an autobiography for Frank, one of the few living Tuskegee Airmen. This much decorated group of World War Two pilots is aging and Frank at 94 is one of about 100 living Tuskegee Airmen. It was a thrill to see this beautiful book and hold it in my hand. As an acquisitions editor, I was one of the first to believe in this book and the importance of it.

I spoke with another author who has one of the Morgan James contracts but hasn't signed it yet. I told this author how much I believed in her book and the importance of it. She thanked me for this affirmation and belief.  I'm eager to see this book get published and get into the bookstores and help people.

Who believes in your writing and your book? It could be a spouse or a friend or someone in the publishing world. If you don't have this person, I encourage you to look for them. Maybe they are in your critique group and believe in your work. 

And while you are looking for this person to believe in your writing, my encouragement is for you to believe in yourself. Continue learning and growing in your knowledge of this business and the craft of writing. Continue growing your audience and platform. Also continue to write and look for new opportunities. There is a world waiting for your book. If I can help you in this process, don't hesitate to reach out to me (my work contact information is on the bottom of the second page of this link).

Let me know in the comments below, who believes in your writing and ideas about how to connect with someone who believes.


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At 3:09 PM, Blogger Miss Mollie's Musings Left a note...

This is timely. My home health nursing job consumes my time and energy and with four self published novels out there with little market, I have wondered if writing wastes my time. Sitting at our local book festival with hardly any consumers or even passers by for two years discourages any author. This past week, I did sell all four of my novels to an elderly woman, locally.
I had a rough week with the nursing job, twelve to fifteen hour days and catching up continually, and being told on Thursday, it didn't matter how much OT, I had, I must work a full day. A piece of my heart dried up with those insensitive words.
The woman called me on Friday afternoon, and told me she couldn't put the one book down. "You have a gift, keep writing." I had a few other comments this week, too, from random sources. I don't see written reviews, often. I do have fans out there who believe in me. It is a spark and I have to balance the work load. Even though, we're understaff, I don't have to see everyone. Maybe the company needs to hire more RN's. Confirmation I need to write stares me in the face.

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Terry Whalin Left a note...


What a great comment. Thank you. Each of us need people in our lives who support us and believe in our writing. Be open to those people and support others as they support you. Your writing matters and I'm delighted to hear about it. Keep at it and I will too. Blessings, Terry


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