Sunday, July 07, 2013

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For over 20 years, I've been constantly reading about the publishing world. I'm using publishing in the broadest sense of the word to include magazines, newsletters, online publications and books. Many people just focus on books.

The world of publishing is constantly in motion with different leaders and key decision makers as well as an ever-changing way of doing things. For example, as recently as five years ago, most publishing professionals frowned and discouraged any form of self-publishing. Today this area of the market is thriving. Admittedly you have to be wise about how you self-publish. I hear the stories almost daily of people who have wasted thousands of dollars in the self-publishing area with little to show for it. Yet there are some remarkable successes in this area so it has changed.

During my day, I read in the trades. I read newsletters. I read online publications and print publications (newspapers and magazines). Often as a part of my reading process, I will look for a way to share this information to my twitter followers (yes click this link if you aren't already following me on twitter). 

The links of what I'm reading and believe is valuable appears on my twitter feed. It only takes a matter of seconds for me to pass on this information and I do it on a consistent and regular basis.

Most (but not all) of these tweets appear on my Facebook page. I have a link established that says take all of my tweets and put it on my Facebook page. Yet sometimes this doesn't work. Sometimes the connection link is broken or needs to be repaired or any number of other technical glitches. 

If you aren't reading my twitter feed, then you miss my pointing out this fresh information and insight about my learning and reading in the publishing world. Admittedly I don't point to everything—but I do tweet about a high percentage of it.

I send this information to my Twitter audience because it is continually growing. In the last week, I've passed 65,000 followers. 

If you don't have a twitter account, I encourage you to start one. I've got a free ebook called Mastering Twitter in 10 Minutes or Less. It is a little out of date but the basics remain the same. If you want to know how to grow your twitter account and maintain it (i.e. eliminate fake followers and other ineffective followers), check out this recent post or this older one (refollow is an excellent tool that I'm actively using). Or to gain more insight you can scroll down on my blog and in the right hand column I have a search tool. You can put “twitter” in the search tool and read the different articles I've written over the years about twitter. It's got loads of terrific information for you.

The world of publishing is constantly in motion and if you'd like to look over my shoulder and read what I'm reading and learning, following my twitter posts is one of the best and easiest suggestions that I can make. Follow me and I will follow you and we will have a direct connection—so you can easily send me a direct message (which I read and respond to throughout the day). 

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