Monday, May 07, 2012

Get Global Book Proposal Help

What is a topic or subject that you have a lot of passion? I've found passion will carry you forward to help others in this area. 

For many years, one of my passions has been to help would-be authors create excellent book proposals. As a long-term writer, I knew editors and agents read proposals—not manuscripts. I had written two proposals which garnered six-figure advances from traditional publishers. While I had read a number of writers book proposals at conferences, I didn't see the full onslaught of the unsolicited submissions until I worked as an acquisitions editor. 

As an acquisitions editor, I was tasked to bring the best possible books for my publishing company to the publication board where they could make a publishing decision. From reading thousands of submissions, I grew frustrated because I was not receiving complete or quality submissions. I knew these authors wanted to be published and had made considerable effort yet often the submission was missing a key (or several key) components. Without this critical information, these authors were rejected instead of seriously considered for publication.

The unfortunate part of the rejection process is these authors received a form rejection without the specific information why they were rejected. It's impossible for the editor to include this information (time) and not a part of the editor task. 

Because of my passion to help writers succeed in the publishing world and from my own frustration as an acquisitions editor, I wrote Book Proposals That Sell, 21 Secrets To Speed Your Success. This book has  100 Five Star reviews on Amazon and continues to help writers succeed in their submissions.

I took my passion for excellent proposals then created a step-by-step online course at WriteABookProposal.com. While my book has a lot of information, it is a series of somewhat random tips or secrets. My online course is much more step one, step two, etc. to create a complete and excellent book submission.

I'm teaching about book proposals at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference on May 16th and hope to see some of you at this terrific event at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park.

There is a FREE opportunity for you to catch my teaching about proposal creation on Thursday. I'm stepping on a global stage and the unusual platform of the Global Teleclass. You do have to register for the class, Write A Winning Proposal & Find Your Champion. Follow the link to register and get the information. The class will be for an hour and begin promptly at 9 p.m. EST (New York) on Thursday, May 10th.

I hope to speak with you soon and you can get my help in this critical area of the publishing process.

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