Tuesday, March 20, 2012

6 Key Steps to Attract Readers Online Now

Your email list IS your financial security.

It's the most valuable resource in your business and will give you a never-ending flow of readers and sales.

But to get these results, you need to build a big list of your ideal readers...

And then nurture your subscribers so they stay responsive and interested for years to come.

Come learn the secrets to building (and keeping) a profitable email list at the Irresistible List Building Summit (Version 2.0 with new speakers and content)!

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Here are 6 Key Steps to get started and attract more readers online now.

The expert speakers will be going more in-depth on these topics in the summit!

Step 1: Attract potential readers by creating a content network of ads, articles, blog posts, Facebook comments, videos, and emails to reach your ideal audience online.

Step 2: Share content in virtual hubs where your ideal readers gather and invite people to do one thing - visit the home page or opt-in page on your website.

Step 3: Convert your visitors to subscribers by offering an irresistible free gift in exchange for a their name and email address.

Step 4: The words on your opt-in page are critical for conversion success, so use content that captures interest and invites direct action.

"Share your email address to subscribe to a generic e-zine" doesn't sizzle as well as "Learn 6 essential ways to magnetize, convert, and nurture your ideal readers so they become raving fans."

Step 5: Once a subscriber opt-ins in, stay in communication with messages that add value and nurture the relationship so that sales flow going forward.

Step 6: Offer with the right balance of free content and genuine, irresistible offers.

Learn more about how to implement these 6 steps and build a thriving list with 1,000's of your ideal readers at the Irresistible List Building Summit (V. 2.0).

It's happening now!

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I'll "see" you there!

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