Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starting Is Easy but Finishing Another Story

There is something inherently exhilarating about a new year. It's a chance for a fresh start. It's the chance to do something different and turn in a different direction.

Many people make resolutions for the new year. I gave up on resolutions many years ago because most of the time they are not lasting and only survive a few weeks.

Instead, I look at resolutions with a twist. During the end of December and the first portion of January, I take some thoughtful time to consider what was accomplished in the last year. What succeeded and what failed? If we are honest, each of us have things that we tried and were successful while other things we attempted did not succeed and fell flat. I encourage you to gravitate toward those things which succeeded and let go of the things which failed and are draining energy from other areas. It takes some thoughtful consideration about the big picture of your work to put these details together.

I've continued reading online and printed publications. For example, here's an article from Dr. Oz that is loaded with a lot of great lifestyle and health tips. Lifestyle and health is an important emphasis for each of us as communicators. If we lose our family or health because of neglect, then we've gained little through our writing work.

Through my work as a publisher at Intermedia Publishing Group, I continue to guide a series of authors to produce their books and get them into the marketplace. I've worked on a series of remarkable books in the nonfiction and fiction area which are capturing attention and selling. If you are thinking about publishing a book with Intermedia, January is a great time to begin this process--especially notice our January special where you will get a free E-Book Reader if you sign on to publish with Intermedia. Just call or email me to learn more information about this opportunity.

During the weeks ahead I will continue growing and learning as a writer and editor. I've selected a couple of different areas that I do not know much about and planned to emphasize and grow in these areas in the coming months. Are you picking out some areas for your writing life and making concrete plans to grow and learn?

Next weekend I will be in Marion, Ohio teaching an all day workshop on Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams. I'd love to see you at this event. Also recently I've been working on my speaking schedule for 2010. Not everything is firmly in place but here is where to see my speaking schedule. I encourage you to plan a conference for this year where you will learn a new skill or grow in an area of your writing. There are some terrific events in different parts of the U.S.

I continue to write about books and post customer reviews on Amazon. It's one of the ways I can support and encourage people to read good books. While there is no payment for these customer reviews, it is a way for you to gain influence over customers since many books only have a single customer review (mine) or the only have a few of these reviews. Last night I wrote an Amazon customer review for Sally E. Stuart's 25th anniversary edition of Christian Writers' Market Guide.

Also throughout 2010, I will continue hosting teleseminar events. If you are interested in the Christian market and would like to ask Sally a question, then I encourage you to check out www.asksallystuart.com. Even if you can't attend, register for the event because it will be recorded and you will receive the replay link to listen on your iPod or computer. Also if you register, you will receive a free chapter about writing books from Sally's out-of-print book, Getting Published. This chapter is loaded with wisdom for every writer about getting their book published, getting a literary agent and even what to do when your book goes out of print. Cruise over to the website, ask a question and get your copy of this chapter.

Every day I continue to look for balance in my life--health, lifestyle, exercise, family, work and writing. It's a challenge but I'm up for the task. Are you? Which projects have you started yet not finished? Commit to finishing those projects in the weeks ahead. The days ahead are filled with opportunity and hope.

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At 9:29 AM, Blogger healingsoul Left a note...

"Picking out some areas for your writing life and making concrete plans to grow and learn" is the basis of the a writing life.

I find I have a ferocious appetite for learning, and therefore, reading. On a quest to be informed, I just read last night to be cautious not to lead with my knowledge in my mind but to still exercise, develop and use the lead in my spirit.

I find I may be at fault in placing my mind over my spirit, and developing it more, spending more time feeding it, and more time challenging it. I long to have a more balance or slightly slanted toward spiritual growth and development in my writing life.

At 9:01 PM, Blogger Sally Hanan/Inksnatcher Left a note...

I think one of the amazing things about you, Terry, is that you constantly reach out to authors, with all of your knowledge, and you encourage them into a better place. That kind of kindness can only come from the heart, not a resolution (although the Love Dare crowd might disagree).


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